Ask Youtube How To Video Upload In Less Than 5 Minutes

Youtube how to video

Who hasn’t heard of youtube? You’ve probably watched that latest movie trailer or American idol disaster on it. There are also tons of YouTube videos that can offer amazing tips like how to whip up a pasta for a party, how to throw knives properly, and all kinds of weird but interesting stuff!

YouTube was bought by Google for millions of dollars. It started out as a site to upload short videos and became hugely popular very fast. It began getting millions of views every single day.

Some people prefer watching a video instead of reading an ebook and YouTube is the way to take advantage of this. You can explode your traffic just by uploading a video to YouTube.

For anyone with a business to market, YouTube is a powerful tool that can get you free traffic and lots of exposure. It’s completely free to sign up for a YouTube account and to upload videos and you’ll get a lot more traffic than if you place an ad in a newspaper.

So should you be an aspiring director and make your own video?

Well, if you are hesitant or unable to make and upload a video, but still want to take advantage of the power of Youtube, then simply outsource. There are people who are great at making Youtube videos and you can hire them to do it.

All you have to do is tell them what your requirements are, and then watch the traffic come to your site. A good place to find these guys is Fiverr.com


By the way, did you try asking the almighty YouTube how to video upload? 

Take a look how a YouTube Specialist explains it in less than 5 minutes.



  1. This is perfect! I’ve actually just started doing some research into using YouTube to attract visitors to my message and then direct them towards my website!

    There are tons of different social media platforms, but seeing as how the trend is for everything on the internet to go towards video, I personally feel that YouTube is perhaps the best one to utilize.

    But I didn’t realize how important some of those subtleties for video uploading were, like the first two sentences in the video’s description. That’s one of those things that can kill your ability to rank well if you mess it up, so thanks for the great video!

  2. This is great – I have been thinking about how to be using YouTube. Other than embedding a few youtube videos into my website I don’t use it at all.

    Echoing what someone else said in the comments, I agree that video seems to be the way forward so I want to start getting more into YouTube.

    Thanks for an easy-to-follow guide on how to start!

    • If you want to create a YouTube channel and upload videos to get more traffic it’s a good idea. 

      But if you just want to animate your website with additional info, you can just add somebody else video to one of your posts (like I just did in here). There are so many great videos been created already, this way you can contribute to another YouTube channel.


  3. This is a great guide to uploading videos. Video is becoming very important to blog posts. This tutorial is fantastic, it looks really easy. I am constantly looking on Youtube for all kinds of stuff. Whether it’s how to fix things, or trying (keyword is trying) to help my kids with their homework. I Youtube everything these days. Thanks for this very informative post!

    • You are welcome Steve 🙂 I also use YouTube every day, and not only for work, it’s so useful and easy to use.

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Great idea! I was thinking of using Youtube for my website as well! I did not know to make a youtube video but now I do! Thanks for sharing

    • Wonderful Rob 🙂 I’m really glad you found this article useful.

      Thank you for your comment

  5. Nice and informative. This was one of my next things on my bucket list. I want to take full advantage of youtube. Thanks for all the great information. Is there a recommended number of videos a person should have linked to their page? I need to sharpen my acting skills.

    • Hi Bobby,
      You should link ALL of your videos to your blog posts or to your blogs’ home page.
      Don’t forget to use relevant keywords in the video description!!

      Best of luck with your YouTube channel

  6. This is awesome. I’m starting up a Youtube channel for my online business. This is really helpful. Just one question, do you have any software for video editing to recommend?

    • Hi Jay,
      Sorry, but I’m not using any external software for video editing, I just use the one YouTube provide.
      If you find any useful tool please do not hesitate to share it with us 🙂

      Thank you for the comment

  7. To paraphrase; I t is best to measure twice and cut once. Knowing how to to do things the right way when tackling any task is productive and saves time.

  8. This is a very short but very informative video. I didn´t have realize how important were those information elements of the videos of youtube. I´m going to check all the videos that I have upload and correct the information, write a better video tittle and a better video description.

    • Wonderful Ruben! Thank you for your comment, it’s nice to know that you found it useful.

      Best of luck with your videos

  9. Thank you for sharing with us this video! I have 0 knowledge on uploading videos on YouTube and anything that has got to do with being a content creator on YouTube so this was a hug help for me as I am planning to make videos and upload them on YouTube.

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