What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers

Sometimes you may search the forums for a particular question but not discover what you are looking for. Back in 2005, Yahoo thought of a solution and came up with “Yahoo Answers”. What Yahoo Answers does is this: It allows anyone to engage in a site-wide discussion forum, and any user can participate in asking and answering questions.

The no #1 selling point of Yahoo Answers? It’s totally free to sign up for and use!

That’s not the only fantastic feature of this online community site. The fact that it is easy to use and all users have to do is enter simple questions and answers in a text box appeal to the most technophobic of them all. Users can also leverage on an unlimited amount of resources to link within their responses.

So how does all this work out for you? Well, one way is to sign up and use Yahoo Answers as a foundation to market yourself as an expert in your niche. If you consistently offer useful, practical and valuable information to others, you will be building your credibility. With your new-found credibility, it is much easier in getting your visitors and followers to sign up for your site offers and products. And with the above method, you build your profitable list without much sweat. Amazing what a social media site can do, isn’t it?

After you’ve signed up for Yahoo Answers it’s natural to be like a kid in a candy shop – You have tons of questions to ask but are not sure which ones to start with! Please do not go about asking silly questions because this will damage your long term reputation. What you want to ask are problems that people face in their day to day routine living. Questions on topics such as:

❥ Beauty & Style

❥ Computer & Internet

❥ Health

❥ Local Businesses

❥ News & Events

❥ Entertainment

And much much more!


Like every online community, there are behavioral rules and strictly off limit topics that could get you into a lot of hot soup. You should not attempt to post the following:

❥ Insults or harassment to other users

❥ Posting advertisements and blatant hard selling

❥ Creating multiple accounts

❥ Soliciting others

❥ Spamming

Remember, these people online have every right to do whatever they want without you bugging them to make a purchase through your affiliate link and tactics like that.



  1. I’ve only ever used Quora for this type of Q&A and it’s better to join as a spectator than a contributor I’ve found.
    I’m not yet part of Yahoo answers but as you’ve provided a decent review for it and you say it’s free, I need to get on it.

    • Hi Dave,
      I’ve also tried Quora, which is fine. Quora users are expected to use their real identity when answering questions, where Yahoo Answers encourages usernames and avatars. Try to use both and make stick to the one that gives you more traffic.

  2. This is a very interesting post, I have not thought of using these type of sites to create credibility.
    Could you describe how you would go about letting the others know about your website if you can’t advertise or post links to you products?

    • Hi Pierre,
      In your signature – Go to your Yahoo Answers profile page and fix a nice photo with your blog’s logo, or use your blogs’ name as your user name. Don’t forget to add your website link to your profile page!

      Thank you for your question.

  3. very nice site and good info thanks . I like the clean look of your site, not sure about the red bold type but maybe that’s just me 🙂 Anyway good luck i like it

  4. THanks for this post. I never thought of using Yahoo Answers as a marketing tool. But you are right. If you establish yourself as an active member and offer useful advice then people will take you more seriously. And if you put in a link to your site once in a while (not overdoing it) then I can see how you certainly can drive traffic to your site.

    Thanks for sharing

    • You got the point Kevon 😉 Best of luck with your blog
      And thank you for your comment!

    • You are welcome Joanne!
      Thank you for your comment and best of luck with Yahoo Answers.

  5. Great idea! I had no idea this type of forum was still available on Yahoo. I will definitely add it to my To Do List.

    • Great Janet! Busting your traffic is extremely important, a lot of people forgetting about this step and focusing mainly on their blog’s design…
      Better to start ASAP

      Best of luck with your traffic.

  6. What are your thoughts on signing up for Yahoo Answers vs. Quora? They both seem to be a very similar platform, though Yahoo! has obviously been around quite a bit longer. Is there still sufficient traffic at Yahoo!, or should I spend my time at Quora instead?

    • Hi Craig,
      Thank you for your question, both are excellent if you started working with Quora and you get good results (check your Google Analytics) keep up with it!
      If not, Yahoo is a HUGE traffic channel you can get quality traffic.

      I personally got better results from Yahoo Answers. Stick for the one that fits your needs.
      Best of luck

  7. I have used platforms like this in LinkedIn and elsewhere, although I don’t think L/I has the feature any longer. I agree it can help create significant credibility that can drive traffic to your sites. I also found article marketing to be an interesting way to build credibility, although there is an argument that re-spinning similar content.on multiple sites is no longer good for search engines the way it used to be.

    • Thank you for your comment Jill, I tried to use Linkedin and didn’t succeed to get a good traffic with it.
      I got quick results on Reddit, Pinterest, and other platforms. You can read “The Ultimate Traffic Guide” where to get the best traffic from.

      Best of luck with your blog

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