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 Birds of a feather flock together, you hang around with losers you’ll end up a loser!

Unconsciously, you’ll pick up their ways, repeat their habits, you’ll copy most importantly, their attitude about life.

If you’re around cynical, negative individuals all day long. YOU’ll become negative and cynical like them.

So you got to watch yourself, many of us are living out the lives of other people, living out their conclusions, living out their consciousness.

The other thing that you begin to look at is looking at your life and looking at what is that you want to achieve. Other most crucial thing that you must do is allying yourself with powerful people.

Allying yourself with people that would encourage you, people that can empower you, people that you can learn from, people that you can grow from. That is very important!

If you have people around you that can contribute to your growth. When I wanted to be Top Blogger I joined the most effective blogger community out there. I needed to be around the best within in the field.

I wished to be around those that do what I needed to do. I wanted to learn from those people! And you want to do that too.Birds of a feather flock together

You want to connect yourself with people who dream like you, who think like you, people who want more out of life. People that stretching and searching, and seeking some higher ground in life. Like all those great people at the writers forum I met at “Wealthy Affiliate“.

I joined their community, and you should join them too. And yes, this blogger help forum is free to join!

It’s definitely one of the best writers forums online.


As opposed to the majority of individuals, someone said: “Continuously attempt to get on top in life, because it’s the bottom that is overcrowded”. You don’t want to be on the bottom, it’s easy to get on the bottom, it doesn’t take any effort to be a loser, doesn’t take any motivation any drive in order to remain down in at low level. Because that everything in you, you have to push your will to say “I’m going to challenge myself.”

Sometimes I need to drag myself out of bed. Things I know I ought to do, I don’t do. And other things I shouldn’t do, I do! I found that the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself. As an old African proverb says “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”

So as you begin to look toward making this your decade, as you begin to look at making your life different. You got to redefine yourself. Who are you right now? and who must you become in order to create what you want? What has to change about you? What is it that you’re doing now that would be a liability for you? As you begin to look toward the future and make inventory about yourself, what is it about you right now that you have to leave this behind? Because this no longer fits. Looking at where you want to go and the kind of person you must become, the kind of standard that you have in you. What is it that you must do differently?

If you want to keep on getting what you are getting, keep on doing what you are doing.

Unless you change your pattern, unless you change the way you think, unless you change your behavior, you are going to produce the same results in your life. All of us are winners, but some of us are producing results that we don’t want. You need to look at your game plan, look at your strategy. What have you been doing to reduce this? You are the director, the producer, you are writing the script, you are the star of your life. As you begin to look at your life you decide yourself if it’s a smash or a lot, that’s in your hands. Look at your life, look where you want to go, don’t worry about your circumstances, don’t worry about your age.

It’s time now, you need to start to say “Yes” to yourself, “Yes” to your life, you need to start to say “Yes” to your dreams, “Yes” to your unfolding future, “Yes” to your potential. Instead of saying “No”. 87% of our self-talk is negative, so you need to make a continence deliberate effort to say “Yes” to your dreams. “Why not? Why not me?” Don’t spend time like most of the people going trough life complaining. It doesn’t matter what happen to you, the only thing matter is what are you going to do about it. That’s all tat matters. Ok, life has knocked you down, how long are you going to say “You know what they did to me?” How long?

Use this energy to go out of there and move on and get on with your life. You need to let your past go so you can grow. Many people never act of their dreams because they allow their past experiences to determine what their possibilities are. Whatever you have done in the past that’s gone and not a reflection of your possibilities, this is just a reflection of your consciences, that is just a reflection of your development and your growth. The future is unfolding for you now, the future is unlimited for you right now, no one knows where you can go, no one knows what you are capable of, what is it possible for you. You don’t even know that!

We have the power to change the pages of our history, changing the direction of our lives, changing our thoughts, changing where we want to go, exploring new horsiness.

So as you begin to look at this and affirming that this is your decade, you set up goals that will make you stretch and will bring up the best of you. As you begin to remove the negative, toxic people from your life. As you decide to take some chances in life.

If you are not willing to risk, then you can’t grow, and if you can’t grow you can’t become your best, and if you can’t become your best you can’t be happy, and if you can’t be happy… what other else is there?

All that you read above are the words of my spiritual mentor – Les Brown.

If you want to succeed, you better have one yourself.

Stay motivated!

Les Brown



  1. I agree with what he has said. You are the key motivator to your success, and I am glad to have visited your site, it has a wealth of helpful information and or tips. I will continue to visit. I enjoy and grow from motivational content. He couldn’t have more plainer; If you want to keep on getting what you are getting, keep on doing what you are doing, because true insanity is doing things the same way every time, expecting a different result. Keep on Keeping on –

    • Hello Herman,
      I’m so glad to know that you’ve got the best of the post. So make sure you are NOT doing what you were doing 🙂 just to have better results.

  2. I too, am from WA. I wasn’t really into blogging, maybe a photography blog at most, but after making a website we all have to hone our writing skills. Good website layout btw.

    • Thank you for the feedback J,
      I know that for a photographer it’s hard to start writing and blogging as you probably prefer taking photos instead… but ANY business got to market, and marketing trough blogging is an excellent choice.
      You may be also interested in reading my last post about Articles Writing.

      Hope you’ll find it useful

  3. Thanks for the motivational post. I am ready to go back to work hard and achieve my goals.

    I agree with you when you want to achieve something you must communicate with people who have the same goals and dreams.

    It is very easy to lose your way. So you need help someone to show you what you are doing wrong and put you back on track.

  4. Absolutely. I couldn’t stress enough the importance of a community and a forum. I don’t usually comment on forums, but just reading them and seeing how others are working on their online business really motivates you, especially when none of your friends understand this whole online business thing!

    • Thanks for the comment Ben.
      It’s true, “birds of a feather flock together”, it’s so important to be surrounded with people that understand and support what you’re doing.

      Stay motivated!

  5. This is absolutely beautifully written! So on point. You don’t see the Eagles kicking it with the chickens, that’s for sure. I actually just wrote a blog about how we are the average the 5 people we spend the most time with. Glad to come across another like-minded individual!

  6. You made some good points. I agree, aligning yourself with people that are successful can be a big key in being successful. I also believe programs, like Wealthy Affiliate, bring those people together as a community so that they are an easier resource to get to.
    I also agree about changing the way you think. I told my husband the other day, now that I have changed my career path to something I enjoy doing, I am more than happy to share my inner dialog with him because it’s a more positive one that it was working at a job I could do, but didn’t necessarily enjoy. Thanks for your insight!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed reading, indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to be around successful people that are doing what you want to do.
      Happy you joined in!

      Stay motivated!

  7. Good evening Bat-El! What a nice inspiring, educational, and outstanding article. Loaded with positive enforcement! It truly makes me want to yell to the world, I am worthy of being an online entrepreneur! You are so right about changing the way we do things, the way we think, the way we act, and so on. Dr Caroline Leaf is a neuro-scientist who teaches on the thought process and how we CAN change our thoughts. Super super post. I’m so excited to jump on the band wagon here!! hahaha. M-o-t-i-v-a-t-e-d!!! :o) Thanks much!!

    • lol 🙂 you brought a smile on my face with your awesome comment. I agree with you completely, we CAN change our thoughts.

      Thank you for this lovely comment 🙂 have a beautiful day and stay motivated!

  8. Very inspiring article! Thank you for sharing this 😀
    In fact, I was procrastinating not long ago when came to reaching my goals but I believe I’m back on track now and it feels good 🙂

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