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“The Ultimate Traffic Guide” 

Discοver Hοw Yοu Can Quickly & Easily Get MORE Traffic Using Any οf These 110 ‘Bite-Sized’ Traffic Tactics Yοu Can Use Right Nοw… GUARANTEED! Inside yοu’ll discοver things like…

❥ Impοrtant SEO traffic generatiοn tips yοu shοuld knοw abοut.

❥ Hοw tο get traffic frοm social media sites like StumbleUpon and Yahoo Groups.

❥ 26 essential tips οn getting traffic using article marketing.

❥ 22 fast tips οn generating traffic using Pay-Per-Click.

❥ Hοw tο get traffic frοm free blogs and forums.

❥ 14 must-have traffic generatiοn tactics fοr maximum traffic.

❥ Hοw tο re-vamp yοur site fοr explοsive traffic.

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“How to Make Money From Blogging” – Best Seller!!!

Inside you’ll discover things like…

❥   What is a Blog and How Blogging Will Help Your Business

❥ Why Blogging is So Popular

❥ Niche Blogs and How to Get the Most Out of Them

❥ Benefits of a WordPress Blog

❥ Blogging and SEO – How it Can Help You

❥ Blogging and RSS

❥ AdSense and Blogging

❥ Ad Placement – How and Where to Place Your Ads on Your Blog

❥ Getting Traffic to Your Blog

❥ Awesome Blogging Resources

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How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

“How To Increase Traffic On Your Website”

Inside you’ll discover 20 of the best-known ways to get traffic online:

❥ Pay Per Click Services   ❥ SEO   ❥ Blogging and Forum Posting   ❥ Article Submissions   ❥ Traffic Exchange Programs   ❥ Directory Submission   ❥ Link Exchange Programs   ❥ Email Marketing   ❥ Social Networking Sites   ❥ Video Sharing   ❥ Podcasting    ❥ Viral Marketing   ❥ Giving Away   ❥ Yahoo! Answers   ❥ Hubpages   ❥ USFreeAds   ❥ Craigslist   ❥ Digg   ❥ StumbleUpon   ❥ Social Bookmarking

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  1. I need more traffic to my site, I have about 16 posts and 7 pages so far. How old do you think a website should be to start getting SEO traffic, and how big should it be? Or is it posible even with a small/new website to start getting traffic?

    • It’s possible to get traffic in few months even with a small/new website. It depends on few elements such as: your keyword research, your content, your site speed etc.
      Check your Google Analytics regularly and your bounce rate.

      Best of luck

    • It’s definitely possible to get SEO traffic with a new site, especially if you make sure to give long tail keywords some attention. In fact if your site is new that’s where pretty much all your attention should be – there’s no way you’re going to rank for the coveted “big keywords” as a new site. That’s just how it is.

  2. Hi Bat-el,
    Was looking into Seo eBook and I glad to run across your site and see what I’m looking for. As a site owner, getting regular quality traffic is one of the most important factors to generate revenues.
    Your SEO eBook sounds very interesting and definitely try it out.
    Do you have any suggest how to use this eBook for the best result?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Maun,
      Glad you found this eBook useful, the best will be to take small bites of it, one or two bites at a time.
      Doing everything at once will be too much, taking baby steps, but most important regularly, will bring big results in the future.

      Best of luck with your site

  3. I was always curious if there actually was money in blogging. I have a blog that so far has not made any money. I like the info you are offering. I will check it out. Thanks

  4. This site looks very sleek and well put together, I love your niche! There seems to be endless affiliate potential and I like how you organized your pages on the home page, it is done very logically and in a manner that is easy to follow. I would appreciate any help with building and marketing my website as well!

    • Thank you for your kind feedback Ryan!
      If you need any feedback, you can always reach me at the blogger’s community here, my user name is Batels.
      Just send me a private message and send me your URL for a feedback.

  5. Interesting. I was just in a conversation this morning about these very topics. It looks like you’re covering a lot of really great territory in your eBooks and I wish you all the best of success!

  6. It’s not enough these days to just have a website. People need to be able to find it and with SEO that is how it happens. If you’re writing an article and don’t follow the step as to where to place keywords no one is ever going to see your article. Most, if not all, people want conversions and I believe that your eBook will help us achieve our goals.

    I personally own a blog in which I sell recommended products to my readers and I need all the help I can get in order to be as successful as I want to be. I have read quite a few of your articles and I have always been impressed with your content.

    I look forward to reading this eBook of yours. Thanks for always providing quality content.

    • Thank you for your comment Justin, and for this kind feedback. You are right, creating a website is not enough these days, we always need to look for traffic.

      I’m sure you’re going to love “The Ultimate Traffic Guide”.

  7. I’ve already spent quite a bit of time focused on free methods of traffic generation and dabbled a bit in paid traffic generation. Are your tips on PPC for newer marketers or for an experienced crowd that already knows the basics?

    • Hi Craig,
      In “The Ultimate Traffic Guide” the 4 pages talking about Pay Per Click are mostly covering the basics of PPC. Although I’m sure the experienced crowd that already knows the basics will find some of the PPC tips very useful.

      Thank you for this important comment.

  8. Most people learn how to blog or learn how to create a website, but they fail to keep learning about how to actually make money from their sites and articles. You offer a wonderful value! Thank you!

  9. Thank you for this insightful look into what this book has to offer.
    I am a new website blogger myself and I don’t really have any traffic going for me yet, on top of that I work full time so anything that can save some time and headache I am willing to try!
    This book looks like a very good place to start. 🙂

    • Thanks Phillip for your comment, “The Ultimate Traffic Guide” is indeed full of tips and tricks that can save you a lot of time and headaches.
      I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  10. I am pretty new at running a website and my question is will it be easy to understand? If it is not tailor made for the beginner it can be more confusing than helpful.

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Beginner bloggers will find this eBook very useful, it covers all the basic strategies to get traffic online with simple and easy words to understand.
      Nothing complicated, only 110 baby steps to get tons of traffic.

  11. I’m all for learning new things, and these eBooks prove that I am not IN THE KNOW. I’m glad there are people like you that can help other bloggers get ahead of the game. I like the “Ultimate Traffic Guide” and am seriously considering getting it for myself. Thanks a bunch!

    • Thank you for your feedback Brandon.
      I have so much I want to share that 24 hours a day seems to short…stay tuned for my next edition, coming soon!! 😉

  12. I love your ideas and have started implementing them into my blog! Thank you for always giving me new tidbits that can help me grow my blog;-)

  13. Love it! I’m hoping to fill my site up with some more contact before I focus too much on traffic but I will definitely be back in the near future for help 🙂

  14. Wow! Nice job on your site. Have you been blogging long? Is this your first website? What great ideas. I saved your site to my bookmarks so I can reference it to gain additional ideas for my own. You do seem to be the expert.

    • Thanks Bobby, yes, it’s been about 6 years I’m blogging, and no 🙂 it’s definitely not my first website.
      Thank you for your comment, you’re welcome to visit here anytime.

  15. You have some fantastic information in your e-book. I am going to implement some changes to my site, mainly in the social media area. I have not been very active on social media, mostly because I don’t completely understand it. What social media platform do you find most effective? Maybe I need to create an e-book as well! I will certainly poke around the rest of your site and see what other awesome ideas you have for building traffic. Thanks!

  16. This is well needed for all who is running a website. I did see you had something in there about pay per click. I am interested in it and I think your e-book will probably help me out. Thanks.

  17. Both these e-books look really interesting. Setting up the website is only a fraction of it and I’ve learned to have any kind of success, I need to understand what I’m doing with SEO and marketing as well. Looking forward to giving these a try!

    • I’m sure you’ll like them both Oliver. Stay tuned for my next edition 🙂 It’s on the way…

  18. Great website. I like the content and simplicity of how you structured it , together with the graphics. Also enjoyed your guide “The Ultimate Traffic Guide” Useful information. All the best . R

  19. SEO can be a bit of a minefield, as I’m finding out. But the more I discover the more interesting it becomes. Thanks for the range of books. I’ll certainly look into them

    • Thank you Paul 🙂 I’m 6 years in the business and I still have so much more to learn…
      Enjoy your ebook!

    • Glad you enjoyes the promotion. We all have something to learn… and I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of these ebooks 🙂

      Best of luck

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