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Today I will review Reddit, another cool and important social bookmarking site.

Reddit is extremely high popular social bookmarking site

Comparative to Digg which enables you to use it to reach additional activity by using your own particular website.

If you’re already a website owner, just sign in to Reddit and submit your articles. You can get a considerable amount of free traffic to your blog. On the off chance that your blog gets in the top, you can expect lots of backlinks and a huge amount of traffic.

Reddit’s readers vote up or down on posts

Submitted if they enjoyed it or not. These kind of social bookmarking websites are totally user based and your votes will rely upon the tastes of your readers and their voting.Reddit Funny

Reddit readers picked what they like in view of their personal interests, what’s more, only a few popular topics include money programming, education and so on.

Just remember, when you bookmark one of your posts, choose an attractive title! To maximize the chance of getting better visitors on your content. that above all will stay to read some more.

Additionally, it’s important to have unique articles for your blog so your visitors won’t get bored after reading the same content they read already all over the internet. Reddit movies and Reddit funny posts are doing extremely good, try to have a funny twist to your videos or content.

What are you waiting for?! Submit your best posts to Reddit.



  1. Interesting. I’ve been looking into various new ways to attract a blog following from social sites. I’ve been focusing on Twitter, but Reddit seems like something I should really start going into. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  2. I hate to admit this, but did not know about Reddit!

    Thanks for posting this information.

  3. I’ve checked out reddit, but with reddit they seemed to have so many rules. Like you have to be involved in so many discussions before you can even start submitting your articles, and your articles can’t be promoting your website or products. But then they tell you to manage your time and social media already seems to take up so much of it. Just engaging with the responses to my posts in facebook, or connecting with people in linked in, shapre, alignment can take up a whole day. So how do you manage all of it?

    • I know, I know sometimes it seems like we are spending the whole day, on all these social media channels.
      So first, use free tools like hootsuite.com to schedule your posts on the social media. You can use up to 3 social accounts in the free account which is great.
      Second, Reddit is a great media to get quality traffic, and yes, you need to interact with people to get the best results. If you publish a post on Reddit and you get comments, answering them will generate a huge traffic.

      If there is a channel you don’t enjoy using, just stop!
      Better use a channel you prefer to work on then hate what you’re doing.

  4. I wondered how to leverage Reddit, this is a new platform for me! Thank you for the review, I now understand how it all works, thanks!

    • Reddit is a great platform to get good traffic from, but unfortunately, a lot of bloggers don’t find it user-friendly.
      If you’ll give it a go, even one time, you’ll see almost immediate results in your Google Analytics account.

      Try it!

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