Get More Images Than On Images.google.com

Step two: Customize your website by implementing cool free resources.

(Don’t miss Step one: Create a blog account).


It is very easy to make your website as appealing and easy to understand by including free elements that are readily accessible for most website platforms. There are free resources that can add function and practicality to your website.

Here are a few great links you should have a look at:

Website Templates (HTML)

A skin is a digital program that can be connected to your website. Usually, your website comes with a built-in layout. A skin can consist of an alternate shading plan, one of a kind buttons and a specific arrangement of all of the components: images, links, and content.

Templates are for the most part simple HTML codes, however, when using them, they add a completely another style and personality to your website. Remember when choosing a style to your website you absolutely don’t need to stay with the template been given by your blogging platform. The wide world of the internet gives you a ton of free resources to getting templates. Check out these skin resources and free HTML website templates:

Free Web Templates – This great website provides incredible templates that will simplify all of your blogging hard work. When you choose one of these templates, the only thing left for you to do is to simply start typing your content. This site also provides an immense number of tools to browse.

BlogSkins  – Here are some blogskins for Blogger and MovableType, every day they have another free skin that you definitely want to try.

Blog Fashions – This website enables the website readers to duplicate or change their chosen templates. Unfortunately, all those templates are compatible with Movable Type platform exclusively.

Free CSS – This site resembles beautiful HTML templates. which add the feeling of instant communication and interaction to any website. With these templates, your site visitors will have a setting for commenting your posts.

Your next task will be to: Create blog skin.


After choosing your blog skin, you will then have the possibility to include images, gifs, and other animation to make your blog even more powerful. On the off chance that you want to using some of them straight on, have a look at the following list:






Imagesgooglecom (Google free images)























Free Image Website

Step Three: Everything else is up to your determination, creativity, and ingenuity.

Since all websites are basically HTML codes, getting to know HTML basics will allow you to make your personal blog adjustments. Remember it’s not important to be familiar with HTML codes to begin building your website. Just simply make everything easier and faster.

Get to know many of those free tools websites can be extremely helpful as the mixture of all those assets will decide the general look of your website.

Keep in mind, when creating your website everything begins with basic tools and techniques and by taking some basic steps you can become a real artist in this website creation.

Ensure you read my next post. Where I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of starting a blog versus building a website.



  1. Hi! This is all very interesting. What does CSS stand for, what is it and how will it benefit me as a blogger?



    • Hello Elizabeth,

      CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, it describes how HTML parts are to be displayed on a screen. It saves lots of work. It can control the layout of multiple sites all very quickly.

      CSS is used to outline designs for your web content, as well as the look, layout and variations in display for various devices and screen sizes.

      Actually, CSS solved an enormous problem!
      HTML was never supposed to contain tags for formatting an internet page! CSS was created to get rid of the style formatting from the HTML page.

      In other words, CSS Saves plenty of Work!

      In this post “Free CSS” is the name of the website where you can find HTML and CSS templates.

      It’s your choice

      Best regards


  2. WOW, Thanks for the links to all the free picture sources.
    This is really very helpful. I have bookmarked them all.
    Your website is a great source of info in general.
    Thanks for sharing such valuable info.
    Cheers & keep up the good work.

  3. This is a great compilation of free picture resources! I actually had no idea that google had free images available, that’s awesome! It looks like Google even searches some of the other free resources you’ve mentioned above so you can use it as sort of a centralized image search! Really appreciate all of this information!

    • Do not forget to use the ALT tag when adding images to your blog!!
      Thank you for the comment. Enjoy

  4. Great info! You make it sound so easy, but I get overwhelmed with code and actual design of the websites. I’m never sure if I just don’t know enough about programming to make the site perform as I want or if the theme just won’t allow me to do it.

    • I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, in this amazing community you can ask for a feedback from anyone of the community members (free sign in). My username is “batels” anyone can contact me (you are also welcome) with any question they may have.

      See you there 🙂

  5. Wow, what I nice looking site! It also has tons of info! My site is up and running, but not very pretty yet. I hope at some point mine can look even half this good! Great job!

  6. This is likely the longest list of photo databases I have found so far. I often struggle to find pictures for specific content, and this will certainly help. Thanks a lot Bat-el for sharing!

    • I’m very happy to know you found this list useful. You are welcome 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the great info on this and your other posts. I am using your list of sites with free images. I need to start using more images in my posts. So far I only use image links for each Amazon product I review and photos I take myself and compress.

    I know images are important for SEO however so I need to add a few more.

    • I’m happy you found this images list useful Jessica. To rank your images on the search engines, don’t forget to add an Alt Tag for each image.
      Best of luck with your blog!

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