How To Search Engine Optimization Best

One of the fundamental components that determine the success or the failure of your SEO campaign is your keyword search.

Despite the fact that this may not appear like a hard work at first, picking the exact keyword to use for your blog is one of the tiring parts of the whole search engines optimization process, especially if you want to find keywords that will be BEST for your blog.

So how to search engine optimization best?

When you use keywords for search engine optimization, you simply need to follow a couple of steps to eventually find the best keyword that will bring you the utmost traffic.

There are several things that you better watch out for in order to stay away from issues when attempting to optimize your site posts.

The main thing that you ought to do if you like to use keywords in an effective way is to make a rundown of “key” keywords or short expressions that are relevant to the substance of your blog. What’s more, by doing this, it can really lead you to find more keywords or key expressions that may blossom from the first keyword you have picked.

After preparing your keywords rundown, choose ones that contain a “key” keyword that can help you distinguish your blog’s articles.

Suppose your blog’s posts are about “Cats” if you’ll try to use “Cats” as your keyword for sure Google search engines will not rank you high, particularly since a huge amount of articles and websites already use it as their main keyword.

Try to stay away from implementing keywords or expressions that are excessively broad as: “Dogs”, “Cars”, “Cats”, “Cosmetics” etc. Because these are keywords with a high competition and generally will not help to rank your web pages in the Google search engines.

You can see below, when you use Jaaxy (the best Keyword Search Tool) it gives a result of 522 in QSR (Quoted Search Results). It’s the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. Try to do a search for this keyword – “breeds of cat” it’ll give you a result of 98 QSR. The best will be to target for keywords with maximum 100 QSR.

Best Keyword Search ToolWhen you choose other words to your picked keyword list, for example, “Breeds of Cat” or “Pictures of cats and kittens”, it will really help improve your odds of getting a better page ranking. Simply ensure that the keywords you pick are applicable to your blog’s substance.

How to Search Engine Optimization on Google

Keyword search is vital to your website competition in the Internet Ocean. There is no sense in picking up “Asthma Cats” as your main keyword for example if your 5 top competitors are using it already. Unless you have a huge promoting budget, you’ll have a hard time facing their page ranking.

I personally use the BEST keyword search tool in the market.

Jaaxy” will give you the precise competition for each of the keywords you choose. You can get here a Free Trial Account. Stay away from Keyword Search Tools that give you only “Low”, “Medium”, “High” competition ranking results. In this case, when you pick “Low” competition keywords, you can have five, fifty, or even 300 website competitors for the same keyword.

Competition with five other websites for a certain keyword is definitely not the same as 300 websites!!

Organic search engine optimization optimization

Google Search Engines

By the way, if you find a keyword that has less than 9 competitors, that mean that if you’ll succeed ranking for this keyword you will get to the first page of Google! You’ve heard me right – You’ll get to the first page right away.

To get a better page ranking try using your location in your keyword search. For instance, if your business is located in a big city, as New York, by just including “New York” in your keyword it could make a big difference. Use “New York sports cars” instead of “Cars”, or “New York in Style” instead of “Fashion”. Nonetheless, this sort of technique usually entails that your readers are usually expecting to see your real image when they type this keyword in Google.

Continuously pick the keyword that you have some expertise in, or possibly the one that provides a better page ranking. Remember that your top priority is to search for the keywords that relevant to your blog posts and best describe your business. You can get a better page ranking if you choose your keywords wisely, but overdoing it can lead to bad ranking and loss of credibility.

Use your keywords NO MORE than three times in the same post!

Same goes for your second and third chosen keywords, avoid using it more than 3 times.
Your title is the most critical parts of your blog post. Your title must be attractive but don’t make it too long. As a general rule, you should try to use no more than 5 words in a title. It must contain your main blog keywords that identified with your blog.

Meta tags should keep short, mainly 160 letters max, and should include your at least one of your keywords. It ought to be both clear and logical. Keep in mind that REAL PEOPLE are reading it. Copying your text sentence which includes your keyword will be the best choice.

So, what you are waiting for? Get to work!

Your next task will be to: find your keywords.

What about Jaaxy

Let’s play a little game. Type below your blog’s URL and the best keyword you’ve found. And let me try and find you better keywords 🙂



  1. Great post. I found this very useful. I have created my first website over a month ago and the biggest thing for me is to target keywords to move up the rankings.

    I will be bookmarking this page. Thanks again.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you find this information useful 🙂 Good luck with the new website!

  2. Nice Tips about SEO Optimization. I just build website a month ago. I will try this one my website. Is it good if the meta tags remain empty, because I never write anything on it? Thank for your tips.

    • Hello Henry,
      Yes, it’s very important to fill the Meta-Tag section on all your blog posts. Using your keyword in your post Title and on Meta-Tag will help Google and other search engines to rank better your post and your website in general. Do not miss this part!
      Best of luck with your blog 🙂

  3. Great post, but I’m not going to be taking you up on your offer to find me better keywords – I see you’ve already hit on a couple of mine by accident anyway 😉 . SEO is one of my favourite ways to pass my time these days and you’ve hit the nail on the head here. Well done!

    • lol 🙂 I can see you are already using powerful keywords.
      Keep up with the good job!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great post on SEO.
    I’m am only 4 months officially into blog writing.
    I can see from your website that you’re an experienced blogger. I have bookmarked your website and I will visit back to learn more from you.
    Thanks :).

    • Thank you CobusvdM,
      I wish you best of luck with your new project. If you’re only blogging for 4 months and you already reading about SEO… it means that your blog is ready for marketing.
      Keep up with the good rhythm!


  5. Have to say I like the post and everyone who blogs wants traffic and a natural looking site. Matter of fact, I give you two thumbs up on website design! And I didn’t even notice your keyword use. One thing I would like to hear is your opinion about paying for a research tool like Jaxxy. What level membership would you suggest? How do you know the price of Jaxxy and the keywords you can find using that tool justifies its price? Is it really worth it? If you could help explain that, I would appreciate it!
    Thanks, Eric

    • Hi Eric,
      The people who created this great Keyword Tool also created an amazing bloggers’ platform which I’m using for my blog.
      If you want to use this tool FOR FREE, you can join here, and you’ll have an access not only for this Keyword Tool but to all their video training, articles, and you can build your first free blog.

      If you’re not using this platform, and your blog is hosted already in another company using Jaaxy will change dramatically your blog ranking. Yes, this tool justifies its price, as I explained in the post above, if you upgrade only to Pro you’ll get a great value for your money.

      But why not use it yourself for free before deciding if this tool is right for you? Check it for FREE in here.

  6. Hello Batel,
    I really like the design of your website:
    it’s simple and efficient;
    the different sections of the menu are well positioned; freezing the menu would be at your advantage when scrolling down;
    there’s a wealth of info about blogging;
    I find the main title not big enough and its description too small;
    As for this post about SEO, you did a great job at describing it, how to do it well and gave useful advices. finally your keywords are where they should be.
    good work!

    • Thank you for your constructive feedback! Actually, I made my logo smaller only yesterday, but following your remark, I changed it back again 🙂 Hope you like it better now.

      Thanks again, I’m glad you got the best out of this post, you’ll surely find this post also interesting.

      Best of luck

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