4 Reasons Forum Spamming Is The Weakest Link

The Weakest Link

When you are talking with kids, repeating yourself may in some cases be the way to getting heard and understood. In any case, you’re not addressing kids when you’re posting a similar message again and again in the forums, are you? Since you’re not, isn’t it safe to presume that such strategies won’t work? Even worse, they can even backfire on you! Here are 4 great reasons you should abstain from spamming in forums.

❥ It Annoys Moderators

Spamming is considered a “blackhat” SEO technique, and most, if not all, forum moderators do not tolerate it. Other forum members are sure to report you and when a moderator finally takes notice, you’ll certainly have your membership suspended if not revoked immediately and permanently.

There are several reasons why spamming will annoy moderators. Firstly, it’s their job to keep other members happy and what you’re doing is the opposite. You are, therefore, giving them extra trouble to deal with. Secondly, spamming consumes web space and web space costs money. Spamming also makes use of bandwidth, and that costs money, too. By spamming, you are forcing moderators to spend money on something they don’t consider acceptable.

❥ It Irritates Other Members

Again, there are plenty reasons why the warrior forum members aren’t happy with your spamming. First of all, these people consider your messages a waste of time. By posting the same message over and over, you force them to spend precious seconds on just scrolling the window until they reach a message that you haven’t posted.

You also make back reading difficult for them. Instead of being able to read all the information they need from one page, you force them to load a new one just to get to the next important message.

Once members realize that you are knowingly practicing spamming, they won’t take your actions lying down. Besides reporting you to moderators, they can also submit your name to concerned agencies that are against unlawful and undesirable Internet marketing tactics. They can also spread the word about your not-so-nice marketing techniques and before you know it, you’ll be banned from every forum on the Internet.

❥ It Doesn’t Work

Adults are different from children. They’re already smart and mature enough to understand a simple lesson at the first try. Repeating the same message over and over, as it is, is unnecessary.

Now, if you’re practicing spamming in hopes of convincing people to try out your product or service, you’re going about the wrong way, too. To convince a person, repetition is not needed. Instead, you need to give people different reasons to change their minds. The more reasons you give them, the greater chances you’ll have of convincing them to see things your way. But if you stubbornly sticking to one reason then you’ll achieve nothing.

 Forum Marketing Strategies to Replace Spamming

You should be convinced by now of the utter futility of spamming in forums. Don’t wait till your online business collapse before you decide to change your ways. Use a different, not to mention legitimate, technique now and you won’t regret it.

To help you get started, consider providing a valuable contribution that showcases your expertise. Choose questions that you can answer as an “expert”. Get to know other people in the forum and build relationships with them. Post your link to your profile page and signature. Last but not the least, use a cool username to get more attention!


  1. Hi there,
    This was a very interesting post. I have been seeing a lot of this lately especially with news items. You have to go through so many pages just to read a one page story. VERY irritating! Good points for any blogger to take note of!

  2. B, thank you ever for so much for reminding how annoying spamming is. Personally I don’t take kindly to spamming in the same way as I don’t take kindly to persisting sales people – which in essence is the same as online spamming. However, I have an online business too, and often avail of auto-twitting facilities to market my website. Do you think SEOs consider that spamming? Do you think this in the long run may backfire on me?

    • Hi Giulia,

      Social media don’t work quite the same, if you are:
      * Posting the same post over and over again
      * Posting irrelevant tweets/posts to your niche
      * or posting more than 4 times a day…

      It’s possible that some people will unfollow you and see you as a spammer.

  3. In my opinion, the spammers simply have bad training. They learn wrong things from the wrong people. Usually, someone has told them to do this or they have seen it somewhere.

    I feel bad for saying that but I was a spammer before getting good training that works. I thought that this was the right way but I saw that it does not work and stopped doing that after 2-3 weeks.

    The only thing we can do is to show them the right way to promote their products or services.

    • It takes a lot of guts to admit that once you’ve been wrong! I tried it also for a short time, and I was lucky to see no results, then I stopped of course 🙂

      Sometimes we just have to learn the hard way I guess… lol

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